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Peru: Between The Jungle, The Desert, And The Ocean

Peru: between the jungle, the desert, and the ocean

Traveling to Peru is one of the best decisions you can make for your next holidays. This South American country offers a diversity of landscapes, places, and climates in the same territory. Enjoy its vast culture, delicious and varied cuisine, its rich history, and wide biodiversity.

In addition to the reasons that we have just exposed above, there is another very important one for traveling to Peru, and that is that it is an accessible country, you find accommodation, excursions, flights, and food at low prices. So there are no excuses for not coming to the Inca empire.

3 places you should visit when traveling to Peru

Visiting Peru is a unique experience, if you go you will have a long list of places to visit but these 3 must be your must-see.

The Macchu Picchu ruins

Surely you have already heard about this amazing Inca city, hidden in the heights of the eastern jungle of the Peruvian Andes. It is one of the 7 wonders of the world for its historical, architectural, and archaeological value, it is located at 2430 meters above sea level and, from the clouds, you can connect with ancient civilizations, with their knowledge and spirituality.

You will also enjoy seeing the llamas in their natural habitat grazing anywhere in the city, they are quiet animals and you can come up and take a picture with them if you wish.

Peruvian beaches

Peru is one of the countries that offer to its visitors the experiences of the jungle mixed whit desert and beaches. With 3080 km of coastline, you can find countless beaches where you can spend a sunny day, with the soft white sand at your feet. Among the most beautiful beaches in this country are: Punta Sal, Máncora, Embajadores Beach, Wakama, and La Mina Beach.

If you want to visit a more exotic beach you can visit Playa Roja, a beach with a particular reddish color that will surprise you. This color is due to a geological condition.

Paracas National Reserve

This is a protected place in Peru. It is an impressive Peninsula full of contrasts, with unique biodiversity. In the Paracas reserve you find desert and beach in the same place.

When visiting it you will find recreational activities, excursions, and sports to practice there. One of the most interesting sports you will find to practice in the desert is sandboarding. Do you dare to practice it?

There are many other places to visit in Peru, such as the colonial cities of the viceroyalty of Peru, or the giant hieroglyphs of the Nazca Lines, the rainbow mountain, among others … 

But Peru is not only a country that offers you destinations, but experiences, Peruvian gastronomy is varied and with a mix between native and Japanese gastronomy. It is also a country that offers you the possibility of buying quality and native fabrics with great artisanal and cultural value.

Where to stay?

To complete your experience, we recommend you stay at the Country Club Lima Hotel, where you will have a stay full of art, history, and luxury. This place has been exquisitely decorated and every corner is pure art.

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