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Traveling To Hawaii: Everything You Can’t Miss In Hawaii

Traveling to Hawaii: Everything you can’t miss in Hawaii

¿Traveling to Hawaii? It’s usual that your main motivation for traveling to Hawaii is spending the whole day at the beach. In fact, enjoying its white sand and surfing the highest waves in the Pacific is a good plan. 

However, we can know a little more about this beautiful tourist destination before this trip. From its wide marine fauna and variety of landscapes to its traditions and culture. Here we tell you everything you cannot miss when you are traveling to Hawaii.

Before traveling to Hawaii

Before boarding on the trip to these paradisiacal islands, let’s get to know them a little.

Hawaii is a state that is made up of 4 large islands with many tourist proposals. They are called Kauai, the Big Island, Maui, and Oahu. Each of them has its own charms.

There are also two smaller ones that are not very popular and yet they are very particular.       One of them is called Molokini, indigenous people live there who preserve their customs. Therefore, if you want to know a little more about its history and daily life, we advise you to visit it.

The other small island is called Lanai and is known for its tranquility. Ideal to enjoy nature and forget about urban routines. Around it there are many islands of different sizes and some of them are even under water.

All the islands of the archipelago were formed by the eruptions of its own volcano. Of which, five of them are still active and can be safely accessed.

What you can not miss when traveling to Hawaii, island by island

Knowing some of the most important characteristics of each island will allow you to enjoy more your trip.

Ohau, the best known island

This is the main island of Hawaii, here is its capital, Honolulu. It is the largest city on the entire island, with the entire structure of the building showing its development. Here you can enjoy an excellent combination of Hawaiian culture and the comforts of this century.

In Waikiki you will find the best restaurants and bars. But if you like to enjoy nature, you have to go for a walk. Especially in the North Shore area, where you will find the popular giant waves for surfing.

If you are looking for a more relaxed place to see colorful fish and dolphins, don’t miss the experience of snorkeling in Kapolei and Ko Olina.

Maui, the magic island

bucear en hawai

One of the islands with the most day and night life in Hawaii is Maui. That is why it is one of the most popular proposals for traveling to Hawaii. During the day you can watch whales and dolphins in the ocean, as well as swim with colorful fish and sea turtles.

If you love trekking, do not forget to climb the side of the sleeping volcano. Other daytime activities include tours of traditional villages and magical landscapes. Among them are the beaches, one with red sand and the other with totally black sand. This is Black Sand Beach in Waianapanapa State Park.

Big Island, the island of volcanoes

This is the largest island in Hawaii. It is the newest formatted and within it there are very varied climates. Its landscape varies from snow-capped mountains to white sand beaches with warm waters.

But its main tourist attraction is in the volcanoes. One of them is the busiest in the world and is called Kilauea. You can get so close that you can see the fiery lava running down its slope. 

On its beaches you can snorkel and ride a catamaran to see stingrays in their natural habitat. But there is one in particular that you cannot miss. It’s called Papakolea Beach and it has the peculiarity of having green sand. Also, you have to visit the Akaka Falls and the Waipio Valley.

Kauai, the garden island

Kauai is a small island with little infrastructure, its charm lies in its lush green nature. On this island you can stay at the Ko’a Ke’a Hotel, meters from the most famous beach in Hawaii, Poipu. Ideal to enjoy as a couple or with children, because it offers different activities for the whole family. Among them is snorkeling to learn about the richness of its marine fauna in the shallow areas.

Another very popular activity is the zip line that allows you to fly over three valleys and have a unique view of the ocean. As for the views on this island, you will find landscapes as different as the double and triple waterfalls, unlike the Grand Canyon of the Pacific.

This list of activities and places are some of the things you cannot miss when traveling to Hawaii. But, if the days are not enough for you to enjoy these paradisiacal islands, it will be the perfect excuse to return.

Where to stay?

Kauai Island is the most beautiful island in Hawaii. For a reason, it has been chosen as the main setting for many Hollywood films. To live intensely all the activities that are promoted there, we advise you to stay at the  Ko’a Ke’a Hotel. One of the most romantic hotels in Hawaii, with all the necessary infrastructure to relax and enjoy nature.

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