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Barcelona Behind The Steps Of Gaudí

Barcelona behind the steps of Gaudí

Traveling to Barcelona gives us the opportunity to see the creations left by the great architect Antonio Gaudí. His artwork stands out for the perfect combination of several architectural styles.

In all his designs he incorporates elements of nature. Especially representations of animals, trees, plants and curvilinear that represent the waves of the sea. To follow his steps and see his legacy, we must go to Plaza Cataluña. From there we will head west along Paseo de Gracia, showing you work by work.

Viajar a Barcelona siguiendo los pasos de Gaudí

As visiting the works of the great Gaudí will take you more than a day, we advise you to stay at the luxurious Claris Hotel & Spa 5*GL , a hotel that is a symbol of the architectural movement called Catalan Modernism, whose father was the artist par excellence of Barcelona.

Batlló House

The first stop of the circuit is Batlló House, where at a glance you can see the waves that simulate the waves of the sea. In fact, there are no straight lines anywhere on the facade, not even on its columns or glazed windows.

In each of the plants, he included animals and plants. While on the terrace, you can make out the back of a dragon, with its giant scales that change color. And a cross that indicates the four cardinal points.

Sagrada Familia Temple

The Sagrada Familia Temple is another icon designed by this famous architect. The building, when completed, will consist of 18 towers. 12 of which represent the disciples, another 4 symbolize the evangelists and the main two represent Jesus and Mary. Currently only 8 of them are finished.

On its facade you can identify a combination of architectural styles with sculptures that tell the sacred story of Jesus. Its interior is just as interesting, since it simulates a forest with inclined arborescent columns.

Park Güell

One of the obligatory photos when traveling to Barcelona is in Park Güell. This park was requested from Gaudí by Eusebi Güell, hence his name. Who financed various works of the architect, such as the Palau Güell, which we will detail below.

In this park you will find elements of nature such as animals and plants, full of color. In essence, this area would be a large urbanization with an English style, which is why it was called Park.

Palau Güell

If the previous work is the first work designed by Gaudí, the Palau Güell is the first building directed by him. It is located near the Rambla, the port and the Barcelona promenade.

This work measures 2,800 square meters and is filled with details inspired by Islamic art and the Near and Far East.

On its terrace, for example, there are 20 fireplaces decorated entirely with colored mosaics. While on its facade, elements of nature such as snakes, and the phoenix in wrought iron are distinguished.

Vicens House

This house stands out for the excellent combination of tiles that form figures of animals and plants on its facade. It was Gaudí’s first work and he designed it that way, as a tribute to its owner who had a tile factory.

This building was the weekend home of the Vicens family. It was currently declared a Site of Cultural Interest and a World Heritage Site.

Milà House

Milà House is known in Barcelona as “La Pedrera” for its wavy stone facade and surrealist style roof. The first impression on seeing this structure is that it was sculpted directly from the ground. As if it were a single piece due to the continuous curves of its facade. While its terrace was created with a unique architectural style.

Where to stay?

Traveling to Barcelona to visit the works of the architect Antoni Gaudí will take you more than a day. That is why we advise you to stay in a central hotel that offers a unique experience.

At the Claris Hotel & Spa 5*GL you can enjoy history and art in a magical spot. In addition to the exclusive suites that have an excellent combination of luxury and comfort, you will be surrounded by pieces of art. Without forgetting its gastronomy with unique flavors and its luxurious spa where you can relax after the tour.

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