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How To Travel Without Leaving An Ecological Footprint

How to travel without leaving an ecological footprint

The ecological footprint is an issue that worries us more every day, amid climate change and its effects around the world, we have become more aware of our carbon production.

In this process of becoming aware and being more responsible for the planet, we can change habits and consumption routines, but did you know that you can also change the way you do tourism?

Practicing responsible tourism reduces your ecological footprint while enjoying what you like the most: traveling.

5 ways to do responsible tourism and reduce your ecological footprint


One of the best ways to do sustainable tourism is by verifying all the possibilities of arriving and moving into the destination, so you can choose the least polluting ones.

Air flights involve high-pollution; it is preferable that you only use them when it is essential. Check all the options for public transportation in the places you will visit, which are not only cheaper but low-polluting. Use public transportation, walk and substitute motorboat rides for rowing raft rides, trekking, or cycling.

You will realize that changing the way you travel will help you to know better and appreciate more your stay in the place.

Plan the activities to be carried out in a sustainable way






Investigate well the place you will visit, generally, places offer popular activities that can be very polluting but if you investigate deeper you will find an alternative list of environmentally responsible activities.

You will find many fun things to do and in line with your philosophy of respect for the planet, also this will allow you to meet people with the same interests as you. Try to get in touch with organizations, social and environmental projects in the place you will visit.

Be respectful of spaces

When doing tourism (and as part of your day-to-day habits) it is very important to respect the spaces you visit. Carry with you ecological bags to deposit your waste, so you will not dirty any place, and also you will realize the incredible amount of garbage that human beings produce.

It is also important not to do things that deteriorate the places you visit. Try to find out about the rules of the spaces, so you will avoid doing something that is not allowed.

Buy local products



Another way to help with responsible tourism is by supporting local production. Not only because you help improve the economy of native families, but also because this reduces product imports and all the pollution that this produces.

Stay in responsible hotels

Today some hotels have quickly aligned themselves with the needs of the planet and that is why they promote responsible tourism.

They are usually spaces that optimize the use of natural resources such as lighting and ventilation with their architecture and decoration. They use renewable energy, offer ecological alternatives to their visitors in all possible aspects, and vegetarian menus.

Where to stay?

If you want to live a responsible tourism experience, you can stay in several of The Prestige Collection hotels that share the ideal of respect for the environment, these are just a few of them:

In all of them, you will find vegetarian menus, optimization of natural resources, use of renewable energies without this diminishing luxury and comfort at all.

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