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Street Food In Miami. The Best Street Dishes

Street food in Miami. The best street dishes

Street food is one of the greatest gastronomic attractions in Miami. This coastal city, with tropical climates and landscapes, is also a place where many cultures and gastronomies converge.

In Miami you will find all kinds of gastronomic proposals: Colombian, Venezuelan, Peruvian, Argentine, Spanish, Italian, and Asian, to mention some of the most representative, in Street food format.

It is a city where Food Trucks abound with colorful designs, open 24 hours and with fast and delicious dishes that will connect you with other parts of the world.

The best 5 dishes of Miami’s street food


Arepas have conquered Miami. The colony of Venezuelans and Colombians who live in this city have managed to penetrate the culinary world with the delicious arepas.

This dish is similar to a Mexican tortilla in its round shape, made of white corn flour, but it is a little thicker and is filled with anything you want: meat, chicken, fish, eggs, sausages, salads … The possibilities are many.

Both in Venezuela and Colombia, it is a dish for breakfast or dinner. It prepares quickly and is easy to eat, you do not need silverware.


Empanadas are a Spanish dish that came to America and now has many variations depending on the country. However, the most popular version is the Chilean empanada.

It is made with flour, water, salt, egg, and oil, which results in a dough with a fine thickness that can be filled with: meat, fish, seafood, and vegetables. Finally, it can be baked or fried. It can be eaten for breakfast, snacks, or dinner.


This is a sweet street dish that is incredibly popular, not just in Miami but in other parts of the world. It is made from a preparation of flour, egg, salt, and water and is passed through a mill that gives it a churro shape, then they are fried in very hot oil and that’s it: fried churros.

They can be bathed in different syrups or chocolate, they can also be accompanied by fruits or ice cream. They remain with a crunchy and delicious texture and you will love them for sure.


Baos are one of the most popular Asian street food dishes in Miami. They are steamed buns, with a texture and flavor similar to that of bread, but much softer, which can be filled with meat or vegetables.

In China, their original place, they are served at breakfast time. But in Miami, you can eat them for breakfast, snacks, or dinner.


As expected, due to its proximity to Mexico, tacos and all Mexican food, in general, are well known in the United States, especially in places where many Hispanics live.

They are round and thin tortillas made with corn flour that is folded in half and filled with anything. However, in their most typical recipes, they are filled with meat or chicken, vegetables among which red, green, and chili peppers are essential.

There are many more Street food proposals or street dishes that you will find in Miami such as falafel or shawarmas, pizza, hot dogs, and proposals from other places such as Thailand, Hong Kong, Germany, and Arab countries.

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