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Route Through Europe By Train: The Mediterranean Countries

Route through Europe by train: The Mediterranean Countries

The Mediterranean is a jewel in the world, its coasts have an uncomparable beauty, and the fortifications, cities, and towns that are erected along the coast fill it with commercial and touristic life.

Can you imagine being able to travel around the Mediterranean coast on one trip? It’s possible! In Europe there is a Mediterranean Corridor Railway that allows you to visit the countries of Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, and Slovenia by the Mediterranean coast, the railway also passes close to the Croatian border with the Mediterranean Sea.

The magical cities that you can visit in the Mediterranean corridor

If you decide to take a route by train through Europe this is one of the tourist attractions that you cannot miss. With the Mediterranean corridor you can visit the magical cities that we detail below. The itinerary has frequent connections with important and tourist cities that you will love.


The city of Valencia is one of the most important in Spain and has dream beaches. There is a 3 km long boardwalk that, in addition to allowing you to contemplate the beauty of the sea and enjoy the breeze under the palm trees, is also a gastronomic center with markets and appreciable architectural works.


Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, its architecture is unique. So you can enjoy the works of Gaudí and at night the lights of fun are turned on with the nightclubs and bars that open all night.


Montpellier is 10 km from the coast, it is a beautiful city that combines very different environments and generations, giving it a unique cultural richness. Street art is combined with buildings over 500 years old.


A beautiful seaside city that is often forgotten for many tourists that prefer to go to Cannes or Nice, but retains a charm and enigma that you will enjoy very much.


Cannes is one of the favorite cities of Europeans. White sands, yachts, warm beaches, and rich expressions of culture. The famous Cannes Film Festival is held in this city.


Nice’s beaches are paradisiacal, calm, and deep blue waters, accompanied by a very dynamic nightlife, restaurants, and buildings worth visiting.

Monte Carlo

This city of Monaco will surprise you with its luxuries and all it has to offer: the sea, yachts, casinos, restaurants, valuable architectural works, and the inevitable Formula 1 race.


When we talk about Pisa we think of the leaning tower of this city. Visiting this world monument is already reason enough to visit the city, but it also has other charms to offer.


The end of the trip could not be other than the beautiful city of Rome. Full of art, culture, and history. The Roman Coliseum and the Holy See are two places that you must visit and of course the different bars and restaurants with the best of Italian cuisine.

The end of the Mediterranean corridor is in Slovenia, very close to the border with Croatia. From Rome, you can take a connection there.

Where to stay?

To complete the route as you deserve, we recommend staying at these hotels.

  • At the  Bella Vista, located at Costa Brava (Catalonia, Spain ), you will enjoy the sea and its benefits from luxury, the comfort offered by its facilities, and of course the best service.
  • At your obligatory stop in Nice, the hotel we recommend is Boscolo, perfectly located on the central boulevard of the city. Enjoy the best views of Nice from this luxurious 5-star hotel.
  • If you decide to reach the end of the corridor and visit Croatia, stay at Valamar, a luxurious 5-star presidential hotel where you will enjoy the best views of the Mediterranean from the Croatian coast.
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