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Route 66 Cities: Chicago

Route 66 Cities: Chicago

Historic Route 66 was discontinued and much of it was replaced by a network of interstate highways. But there are still sections that belong to the original, in which you can meet and enjoy some iconic places.

Among them are gas stations, cafes, bars and monuments built in homage to the first highway in this country. Considered at one time as the longest, since its route almost reaches 4000 km. The route starts in Chicago and ends in Santa Monica, passing through several states.

Before the 1950s, it was very crowded, slowly deteriorating to the point of being unsafe. For this reason it was discontinued as an official road and new highways were created to replace it. But no one can deny that it is an icon of the United States. At least this is shown by the thousands of tourists who come from all the world to visit it.

Chicago is the start of Route 66

The great adventure of Route 66 begins in Chicago, a great city with incredible places to visit. For this reason, before starting the trip, we recommend you spend a few days in the Windy City. There you can enjoy its great parks, museums and a successful combination of its old and modern architecture.

Grant Park 

This urban park located in city center has excellent views of Lake Michigan. With its 129 hectares, it is the largest outdoor space in this city. To enjoy it to the fullest, we recommend taking some bikes.

Inside it, you will find several very popular sites, one of them is Millennium Park. Which represents the arrival of the new millennium through its innovative architecture embodied in the Cloud Gate.

Another point of interest is The Field Museum. This museum stands out for being the largest in natural history. This is the most preserved and complete skeleton of the largest Tyrannosaurus Rex found so far. Its style is neoclassical, exhibiting fossils, precious stones and Egyptian mummies, among others.

Here is also the Art Institute of Chicago, very close to the start of Route 66. In which you can enjoy the largest collection of impressionist and post-impressionist painting, after Paris. In addition to works of art and modern architecture.

Navy Pier

One of the most beautiful places to visit is Navy Pier, the pier with the best views of the city. In this area you will also find the best restaurants in the city and other points of interest. These include the Children’s Museum, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, and the Crystal Gardens Botanical Garden.

If you like to walk, go to the pedestrian promenade, The Riverwalk. Here you can experience an excellent combination of historical and modern architecture, such as the Trump Tower and the great Willis Tower, from where you can see the Chicago skyline.

Magnificent Mile

It is the northern part of Michigan Avenue, in the downtown. There you will find the best shops, restaurants, entertainment and accommodation. Among the best hotels in this area is the Eurostarts Magnificent Mile, an oasis of tranquility in the heart of the city.

Also present are the most unique buildings such as the Fourth Presbyterian Church, Tribune Tower and 875 N. Michigan Avenue. In the latter, better known as the John Hancock Center, is the 360 Michigan Observatory. As you pass through this avenue, you cannot miss the Michigan Avenue Bridge swingarm.

Chicago neighborhoods

Within the iconic neighborhoods of this city is Lincoln Park. This downtown neighborhood has a youthful vibe that includes renowned shops, famous restaurants, and the oldest zoo in the city.

Another Chicago neighborhood that you should visit is Chinatown. From its entrance to every corner of its streets you can appreciate Chinese culture and gastronomy.

While in the Little Italy neighborhood, where Al Capone and the Italian mafia lived, you can glimpse how the Italian communities established in this city live today.

In addition to the most famous neighborhoods in Chicago, we cannot fail to mention the excellent beaches that are found along the shore of Lake Michigan. After visiting much of this beautiful city, we want to invite you to breakfast at the historic Lou Mitchell’s. In this way you will begin to get in tune with the great adventure that awaits you.

The exact starting point of Route 66, America’s main road, is in front of the Art Institute of Chicago. Right next to the Adams / Wabash subway stop.

Where to stay?

The Eurostarts Magnificent Mile hotel is located in the Loop area of this city. Its service combines all the luxury of avant-garde art with the beauty of nature and state-of-the-art technology. Therefore, it is possible to enjoy a relaxed and intimate atmosphere with all the comforts.

Thanks to its excellent cuisine, comfort and spa, it is considered an oasis of tranquility in the heart of Chicago. Even business clients find the best in this hotel for the quality of the infrastructure of the meeting and event rooms. With excellent views of the city skyline.

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