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Rome: The Ancient City

Rome: the ancient city

Rome is a fantastic city. It is touristically known as the ancient city because it is estimated that it is more than 3.000 years old. It was also the capital of one of the greatest empires ever, the Great Roman Empire.

Visiting this city is immersing yourself in ancient streets, buildings, and art. It is a way of traveling to the past and enjoying the greatness of humanity. Furthermore, Rome is not only a historical, architectural, and artistic capital, it is also a gastronomic capital.

Your trip will involve enjoying one of the world’s most famous and favourite cuisines: Italian food. But it is also true that there are many places to visit, one trip will probably not be enough, so we have prepared a list of the 4 ancient places that you must visit on your next trip to Rome.

4 ancient places in Rome that you must visit

The Roman Coliseum

Surely this monument was already on your list, but if not, you must include it. It is the most representative building in Rome. They are the ruins of a Colosseum that is more than 2,000 years old.

In this place, ancient citizens celebrated fights with gladiators for years, chariot races, and other sports and recreational activities of the Ancient Age. You can visit it for just for 12 euros and the guides will tell you all the history that this work keeps.

Roman Forum

Another of the monuments that you cannot miss is the Roman Forum. In this area that is close to the Colosseum, you’ll find the ruins of what was the city of Imperial Government. Some buildings are very well-preserved. Here are especially interesting those monuments erected to Roman gods such as Venus or Saturn.

Some people pay a ticket that includes the Colosseum and the Roman Forum.

The Palatine

The Palatine sits on the highest hill in Rome. There are the ruins of the residences of the nobility. It is said that Romulus decided to found his empire and the city when he climbed this hill.

You will enjoy the buildings, the gardens and you can get a picture of the way of life of the ancient Roman nobility. From here, you can also get an amazing panoramic view over the city, as there are multiple viewpoints to enjoy Rome from the highs

The Pantheon of Agrippa

This work is a temple that Emperor Hadrian built on 135 AC, later it functioned as a church, and is one of the best-preserved ancient works.

It is a symbol of greatness and beauty; it has natural lighting given by a hole in the center of the ceiling that has a diameter of 9 meters. The whole place is an artistic delight: the details of the architecture and the paintings and works that adorn it.

These are 4 of the ancient historical places that you must visit on your next trip to Rome. Although as we mentioned at the beginning, in Rome there are too many historical places.


Where to stay?

To complete your trip, you must ensure a dream stay. That’s why we recommend 3 of the best hotels in the city.

  • The Rose Garden Palace is one of your best options, it is a hotel with an ideal location, which will allow you to easily enjoy everything that Rome has to offer. In addition to its sophisticated and modern style, you can enjoy a restaurant, fitness area, and rooms or apartments for your stay.
  • The  Majestic Roma  is a hotel with history. It has more than 100 years since it opened its doors in 1889 and since then, it offers travelers a unique stay. In any of its 98 rooms, you will find an impeccable, refined, sober decoration that will constantly delight you.

The Inn is great for people who love to be in the mall. It has an ideal location near the shopping streets. It offers you the possibility of staying in fine and elegant apartments or rooms.

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