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The Secret Of Ramen’s Success

The secret of Ramen’s success

If there is a dish that has shocked the most exquisite palates in the entire world, it is Ramen. A delicious Japanese soup that has become a traditional Japanese dish since the last century and is now an icon of Japanese food along with sushi.

But curiously, this recipe is not exclusively Japanese, rather it is a Chinese-Japanese fusion. When Japan opened its borders in the 19th century, trade to and from China created a cultural exchange in which the “Chinese noodle soup” became popular, which was very well accepted by the Japanese and which naturally began to incorporate other ingredients until it becomes the Ramen we know today.

Secrets of Ramen

But what is it that makes this soup so popular? It is definitely its flavor that makes it so special, but also its price and variety. It is a dish that can have many presentations as long as it conserves the essential ingredients.

In general, Ramen is a wheat noodle soup that uses an aromatic and concentrated broth as a base accompanied by other ingredients that can vary greatly from each other: meat or fish, it can be vegetarian, it can be served hot or cold, it can be spicy or sweeter and in some cases, it can be served dry (with the broth on one side).

As you can see, it can be very varied depending on the area where it comes from and the chef who prepares it. In any case, these tend to be the essential ingredients of Ramen.

Ramen essentials


This is the name of the soup base sauce . It usually has a deep flavor, since it is very concentrated and is made from soy, miso, sake, among other ingredients.


The broths are also an essential part of the base of the soup along with the Tare, they are as varied as the chefs, they can be meat, chicken, fish, vegetables, and spices. They can be denser or lighter, depending on the recipe.

  • Tonkotsu: It is a broth made from pork bones, which gives it a strong pork flavor with a slightly gelatinous consistency.
  • Shio: This is a broth made from chicken and salt, it is one of the simplest and lightest.
  • Miso. It is a broth made from fermented soybeans, cereals, and koji mushrooms and combined with chicken bone broth.
  • Shoyu: It is a broth made with soy and wheat that can be combined with fish or seafood broths.


This is the part where the other ingredients appear, which are as varied as you want.

  • Meat: In some of the most popular versions, the meat that accompanies the dish is a marinated pork shoulder with a texture that melts in your mouth, but there are versions with chicken, fish, other meats, or vegetarians.
  • Eggs: The egg is characteristic of ramen. But it must have particular cooking, the white must be firm and the yolk must be soft and creamy.

These are the secrets of the most famous Japanese soup in the world. If you go to Japan and want to try one of the best versions of this recipe, we recommend that you do it at The New Otani hotel restaurant.

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