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The Best Route Through The Patagonia By Car

The best route through the Patagonia by car

There is a route through Patagonia that has landscapes as incredible as they are different from each other. It’s called route 40 and you can travel it safely by car. We must clarify that the car must be a large pickup truck. This condition is basic to travel on the road that has gravel and asphalt sectors.

They say it’s better to enjoy the journey than to arrive at your destination. But after knowing Patagonia you’ll think that this phrase is obsolete. Because the nature of this area has magical corners both in this route and in its final destination.

Especially when the trip is made by car because it allows you to appreciate with greater freedom each natural attraction that is hidden in it.

Route through Patagonia by car

Since we started our trip we will be able to notice that the landscape varies a lot in a few distances. Since you can see from a semi-desert valley to a mountain with waterfalls or snowy hills. Its climate also has surprises in terms of temperatures and winds. All this can be enjoyed if you choose Route 40 that is the best route through Patagonia.

It is the best known in Argentina because it runs from north to south parallel to the mountain range. It travels 5000 km in total and crosses through 11 provinces, but km 0 is at the safest point on the continent that’s Cabo Vírgenes.
When you reach that point, the charm of its lighthouse and its marine fauna invites you to stop your trip. But it is about enjoying the best route through Patagonia by car, so we must continue to Ushuaia.

So once we reach the milestone of km0 of Route 40 we continue taking other routes. In this section of the journey we must pass through the crossroads of countries between Chile and Argentina. Two countries that show totally different landscapes just for the fact of being on opposite sides of the mountain range.ruta 40 patagonia en coche

When we start our trip from Cabo Vírgenes, the signs indicate that Ushuaia is less than 700 km away. However, 12 hours of travel wait for us, in which we go through gravel, asphalt and sea.

Yes, we continue the journey along the route and then we drive over the sea to the island of Tierra del Fuego. The pass is made with a ferry or barge service that transports the car with its passengers. Once on land, again we come across stretches of gravel and asphalt, until we reach the best accommodation in Patagonia, Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa.

Enjoying the ride along the route by car

As this tour is by car we cannot miss any detail of this southern part of the American continent. Because going along National Route 40 we will pass near the Santa Ana waterfall. One of the attractions of Bariloche, next to Lake Nahuel Huapi and the snowy hills ideal for skiing. A few kilometers later we will be able to see Mount Fitz Roy, where the peak of more than 3,400m high of the Andes mountain range is located.

But perhaps one of the best wonders of the world that Patagonia has is the Perito Moreno Glacier. A walk on this ice will make us forget the skyscrapers, the noise and the polluted air of the city.

Another unforgettable place in Patagonia is the Valdés Peninsula, known for its rich marine fauna. Especially for its colonies of penguins, sea lions, dolphins and whales when winter comes to the southern hemisphere.
The diversity of landscapes and sightings of marine animals make this tour of the best route through Patagonia by car truly unforgettable.

Where to stay?

The entire tour is a destination in itself, due to the wonders that it keeps in its nature. But when we get to Ushuaia we can rest at Los Cauquenes Resort & Spa. From where we can appreciate the Beagle Channel in the first row. In addition to the unforgettable experiences that this place guarantees, because it is about excellent combinations of gastronomy, wines and landscapes. This is where we can understand why this tour of the best route through Patagonia by car is fantastic from start to finish.

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