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Exotic Morocco: The Best Dishes Of The Country

Exotic Morocco: The best dishes of the country

Moroccan food is, along with the incredible landscapes and rich culture, one of the elements that attracts most of  the tourists who visit this African country every year.

Morocco is a jewel that combines: beaches, mountains, desert, cultural, architectural, manufacturing wealth, and the pleasure of enjoying good gastronomy, in one place.

Lovers of good cuisine will find in Moroccan food the Berber (native people of the Sahara), Mediterranean, Arab and Jewish heritage. A whole mix of flavors and traditions that constitute a gourmet pleasure.

Moroccan food: 5 dishes you must taste


Couscous is perhaps the most internationally known dish of Moroccan cuisine, and with all the merits! It is a culinary delight.

This dish consists of grains made from wheat semolina that are cooked with many ingredients, mainly vegetables, and chicken or lamb broths, of course, these meats can also be added.

Couscous has particular cooking since a clay cup is known as “couscous” is made, which gives it the ideal cooking point.

Chicken tagine

The chicken tagine is another of the dishes that will delight you if you visit Morocco. Like couscous, it is prepared in a specially designed clay container: the “tajine” or “tajin”.

This preparation is similar to a chicken stew, which can also be lamb or fish, but with the characteristic touch of the essences and spices of Arab cuisine, which make it an explosion of flavors for the palate.



Harira soup is one of the most frequently eaten dishes in the month of Ramadan, it has an excellent protein load and a unique flavor.

It is a soup whose base is chickpeas, lentils, legumes, and tomato paste, accompanied with lamb, beef, or chicken broths to give it much more flavor and as expected, they are seasoned with Arabic spices that give it a very distinctive flavor. 


This is one of the identity dishes of Morocco that you will find in restaurants but also in local food stalls.

If you want to live the experience of eating typical food in popular places, it is one of your best options. These are small balls of mashed potatoes, seasoned with turmeric and cumin and later fried. They are usually served with pita bread and olives.


To close this top 5 of typical Moroccan dishes we have the Zaaluk, which is basically an aubergine puree bathed in tomato sauce and seasoned with garlic, paprika, lemon juice, olive oil, and the inevitable olives.

This dish is served cold and despite being simple, it is a fairly exotic dish for Western culture, both for its flavor and its presentation.

Now that you know the best-known dishes of Moroccan food, surely you want to know where it is advisable to try them, that is why we recommend some hotels in whose kitchen you will find these and other essential dishes of Moroccan food, prepared by distinguished chefs.

Where to stay?

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In them, you will find luxury, art, elegance. All the details for you to live a unique experience during your stay in Morocco

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