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Mauritius: Between Paradise And Sea

Mauritius: between paradise and sea

The Indian Ocean is full of beautiful islands that will give you a unique experience. But among them, the Mauritius Islands stand out, an earthly paradise that you must visit.

The Mauritius Islands are a group of 3 islands that become a sovereign country. It is presumed that it was discovered by the Arabs before the Middle Ages, later it was rediscovered by Portuguese navigators who lost it to the Dutch. The Dutch gave it the name of Mauritius Islands.

Later it was colonized by the French and with the defeat of Napoleon it ended up in the hands of the British, who restored the name of  Mauritius Islands. In addition to a long and interesting history, this group of islands has many tourist attractions to offer.

5 Impressive places that Mauritius has for you

Mauritius Islands are characterized by offering beauty, imposing views on any beach, infinite seas furrowed by rocky and very green formations that are home to a unique diversity in flora and fauna. This produces a high contrast in the amazing colors that make up the landscape.

The Land of the 7 colors

chamarel mauritius island

Mauritius has exceptional landscapes, capable of enchanting its visitors. In the town of Charamel, a small village very picturesque due to the cultural mix, there is an area called the land of the 7 colors.

It is a particular geological formation that responds to the age of the place and the island’s climatological characteristics, giving rise to a formation of dunes with multiple colors oxidized and glowing in the sunlight. A true view spectacle.



This is a true delight for those who love adventure and breathtaking landscapes. It is a beach that you can reach after crossing a jungle forest, with waterfalls and freshwater. This combination of the sea, with waterfalls, rivers, and vegetation is impressive.



This place has a majestic view, crystalline and warm waters in which to take a placid bath, it also has a lake that makes it even more attractive. It is characterized by being an ideal place for lovers of snorkeling and diving as it has a unique maritime biodiversity.



Soulliac is a small fishing village that has an infinite view of the Indian Ocean, characterized by the presence of strong blue tones and strong winds that cause violent waves.

For this reason, it’s a not recommended place to enjoy the beach, however, it has cliffs where the sea hits hard and becomes a visual spectacle that you deserve to witness.

Trou aux biches

This is a beach very similar to those of the Caribbean. Calm and blue waters, soft white sands, and a spectacle of palm trees that is reflected in some lakes. Providing the opportunity to enjoy a unique landscape.

The Mauritius Islands offer you the sea, jungle, mountains, waterfalls, and the cultural and gastronomic wealth of its people, which is a mixture of cultures and history.

Where to stay?

To complete the experience of visiting the Mauritius Islands, we recommend that you ensure your stay in the best hotels in the area.

Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury. This is the perfect stay if you want to enjoy the luxury, the elegance and at the same time the wild of Mauritius Islands. Sea views, exclusive areas on the beach to enjoy, acclimatized pools, rooms with private pool, children’s area, activities and fitness spaces, and much more.

Shanti Maurice Resort & Spa. If what you are looking for is a greater connection with nature, this will be your ideal stay. You can choose between rooms or private villas, enjoy the soft white sands of the private beach that is accessible from the hotel, as well as the pools and gardens. In addition, it has a luxurious and recreational complex.

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