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The Best Desserts In French Pastries

The best desserts in French pastries

French desserts are loved by everyone, a large part of the desserts that we find on the menu of any pastry shop or restaurant are of French origin. And it is because of their textures, flavors, and presentation they have earned a deserved place in international cuisine.

If you are a pastry lover and want to enjoy a gastronomic experience that will take you to France, you have to try their best desserts.

4 French desserts that you will love

There is a wide variety of French dessert recipes, but the best ones are the following 4, try them and you will confirm it.


Eclairs are rolls made from a simple but delicious preparation called choux, which has as ingredients: water or milk, flour, butter, and eggs.

The interesting thing about these rolls is that during their cooking, hollows are made in the center, which allows them to be filled with pastry creams (although currently they are filled with creams with different flavors), they must also be glazed with the same flavor with which have been filled in.

Like almost all French desserts, they are beautifully presented and are ideal to accompany an afternoon coffee or hot chocolate.

Tatin Pie



This pie, in addition to being delicious, has an interesting history: it is an “upside-down” pie. Its preparation arose from an accident that went very well and ended up immortalized in this delicious pie.

The Tatin pie has an “upside-down” preparation because the caramelized fruits are first prepared and then the dough, contrary to the preparation of all pies.

It is said that the Tatin sisters overcooked the caramelized apples for the pie, but in order not to lose it, they put the dough on top, baked, then turned the mold and, voila! They created one of the most delicious and traditional pies in France.

Currently, the variations that are of this pie only imply the change of the fruits and in some places they accompany them with a scoop of ice cream on top.

Paris – Brest

Again, the choux pastry is the protagonist in this French dessert that will awaken your cravings. This dessert simulates the tire of a bicycle and is filled with hazelnut cream, chopped strawberries, and sprinkled with icing sugar.

Its name is a tribute to a cycling race whose route was Paris – Brest. That is why the shape of the dessert also honors a bicycle tire.

Creme Brulee

The Crème Brulee, which translates to “burnt cream”, is an ideal dessert to accompany an espresso.

It is a simple cream made from egg yolks, sugar, and milk that is flavored with cinnamon, orange, or lemon rind and subsequently a layer of sugar is added that burns and creates a caramelized crunchy effect on the surface.

It is served in small casseroles and offers a gourmet experience on the palate by combining the smoothness of the cream with the crunchy texture of the caramel. 

There are many other French desserts that you will love, but this is definitely our top French dessert.

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