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Greek Food: Fusion Of Flavors And Culture

Greek food: fusion of flavors and culture

Greek food is characterized by being typically Mediterranean, but with a fusion of cultures and flavors from Italy, the Balkans, and the Middle East. This fusion is undoubtedly a unique gastronomic experience for your palate.

Greece is an extraordinary country that, because of its location on the edges of the European continent, very close to the Arab world and in a privileged position of the Mediterranean Sea, has to offer you in addition to paradisiacal beaches, historical, architectural, and cultural wealth, a gastronomy that mixes flavors that you can’t find in another part of Europe.

Inside of the country, it is very gastronomically diverse as the dishes of mainland Greece are very different from those of the Greek islands.

The essentials of Greek Food

Olive oil

Olive oil is an indispensable ingredient in Greek dishes, even though other countries in the Mediterranean basin share the use of olive oil, it is undoubtedly in Greek food where it is most present.


Lamb is the main livestock in Greece, which is why this is the predominant meat in their dishes. Above all in mainland Greece, where you will find lamb ragus as a typical dish.


Sesame seeds are very present in Greek dishes as toppings


Greece is an important cheese producer on the European continent. It has an huge list of cheeses with a designation of origin, the most popular of which is feta cheese.

3 typical dishes of Greek food that you must taste


It is the most popular Greek salad, it is characterized by being fresh and ideal for summer. Its ingredients are: cucumbers cut into slices, black olives, tomatoes and peppers, onions, feta cheese, and as a dressing native herbs and olive oil.

Some people add some sesame seeds to it. It can be eaten as a lunch or dinner dish, as an accompaniment to lunch, or even as a starter or garnish if accompanied with a few slices of bread.


One of the most traditional Greek soups. It is usually eaten on holidays, especially during Easter.

Its preparation is based on the leftover parts of the lamb, such as entrails and giblets. Other ingredients are onions, lettuce, olive oil, aromatic herbs such as dill and spices, pepper, and salt. In some of its variations, they add rice or fresh grated tomatoes.


Greeks are specialists in preparing lamb, this is one of the best preparations of this meat that you will try.

It is a baked lamb garnished with shallots, lemon zest, and juice, white wine, oregano, and salt. It is served in a cup with part of the liquid in which it has been baked.

There are many dishes of Greek food that you must try, but these three are the most traditional. To try them at their best, we recommend you visit the restaurant of St George Lycabettus Lifestyle Hotel.

Where to stay?

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