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Everything You Can’t Miss In Bali

Everything you can’t miss in Bali

Before traveling to Bali you have to know everything that you cannot miss to enjoy. Its landscape of mountains, paddy fields, temples and beaches are in all tourist guides. Here, we propose to live and feel every special corner of this exotic Indonesian island.

The religious devotion existing in this place is perceived by visitors as a special energy, which allows us to open to new feelings and renewing ideas of life. This is one of the most important reasons why people with demanding professions choose Bali for their holidays.

You cannot travel to Bali without living these experiences

The first recommendation is to choose the best time to travel to Bali. With no doubts, the best months are between May and October. Simply because in that period the weather is better. In the other months, the rains are usually more dense, which does not allow you to enjoy nature to the fullest.

Despite it is a small island, it will take you several weeks living the experiences of your travel. This is because each corner has unique characteristics that must be experienced to say that we know Bali.

Our proposal is based on experience. That is why we invite you to live intensely daily activities surrounded by a captivating nature. The best experiences from dawn to dusk, regardless of holidays.

Purification ritual

To begin to understand the local culture you have to experience the purification ritual. But…Don’t be afraid! The purification ritual is symbolic and takes place in the fountains of several temples.

The best known is the Tirta Empul temple, located near the city of Tampaksiring. It was built in honor of the god Vishnu, around 965 AD. This god is in charge of protection or conservation and in his temple there are pools with water fountains considered sacred.

The Balinese people go to its waterjet every year to purify themselves. There are different pools for every purpose. The jets of water in a swimming pool, for example, drive away bad thoughts. While those that come from another purify us of materialistic thoughts.

Sunrise from the Batur volcano

Looking at the horizon when the sun is rising is a great experience in itself, no matter where we are. But when traveling to Bali, we cannot stop looking for the best. That is why we recommend you take a night trekking tour to climb the slopes of the Batur volcano. Let the sunrise discover you on the slopes or crater of the volcano and you will not forget that feeling.

Uluwatu and Seminyak Beaches

The whole coast of this exotic island has excellent beaches to relax, from the most serene to the wildest. The most serene are in Seminyak. In this area you can experience the serenity of a large stretch of golden sand without neglecting modern life. Because this is where the best shopping, restaurants, nightclubs and resorts work. To fully enjoy these experiences, we recommend staying at Double Six Luxury Hotel- Seminyak.

In the south, there are the least crowded beaches and cliffs but they are very visited by surfers. The beaches of Uluwatu have the best surfing enclaves in the world. If you pass through here, do not miss the experience of visiting the temples located on the top of the cliffs.

Infinity pools

Living the sensation of being in a pool where its edge blends with the landscape is amazing. Especially when it seems to merge with the ocean. This kind of pool is common in the most luxurious accommodations. One of the Anantara resort hotels is located in Seminyak, Anantara Seminyak Bali Resort. Here you can enjoy the best services and its infinity pool overlooking the ocean.

Natural parks

Jumping from a 16m waterfall is an experience that very few people can count on. These falls are located in the Aling-Aling Nature Park. Where you can also enjoy natural slides and its exotic landscape that includes paddy fields.
When traveling to Bali you can also enjoy other natural parks, much quieter, that are close of Tubán. One of them is the Waterbom park. To enjoy this beautiful natural park, we advise you to stay at The Anvaya Beach Resort, the most luxurious hotel in Tuban.

Enjoy the Milky Way at dusk

When the sun goes down, you have three great options to continue enjoying this spectacular Indonesian island. One of them is to enjoy a spectacular view of the horizon from any of its beaches.

The second option is still related to the enjoyment of nature. This is the center of Bali, where the low lighting allows you to see the stars. From Munduk, a small mountainous town near Ubud, you can see the Milky Way, an unforgettable experience.

The third option is about living the nightlife. Kuta, for example, is the cradle of party. While Canggu has the best nightclubs with an international atmosphere.

Where to stay?

Depending on which city you decide to visit when traveling to Bali, you can choose between one hotel or another. If you are going to enjoy the areas near Seminyak, we recommend staying at Double Six Luxury Hotel- Seminyak.

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